Display client details in contact form

Save your support agents time and delight your customers

Add context for support agents and delight your customers with Elements Connect, SQL databases and Zendesk

Using Elements Connect for Zendesk you can build a customer support experience that delights customers and saves time for your Zendesk support agents. The Elements Connect app allows you to populate customer form fields with data from PostgreSQL or MySQL databases. Clients can provide details without manually entering data, and agents have the context they need to provide accurate, personalized answers to customer requests.

Simplify how customers add details to a Zendesk contact form

Customers filling out a Zendesk contact form shouldn't have to manually fill in fields when the data is already available. Elements Connect fields can auto-populate drop down fields with options straight from your PostegreSQL or MySQL databases. Customers then only have to select the relevant options, complete the contact form, and the support team will take care of the rest.


Give your customer support specialists the context to understand clients' requests

Resolve requests faster by displaying data from your PostegreSQL or MySQL databases inside Zendesk. Using Elements Connect, support agents are confident that the information submitted in the contact form fields is accurate, which means they have correct context to provide fast, accurate answers to clients' issues.

Leverage contact form data to prioritize issues and create filters

Help your support team prioritize requests based on contact form data. The data you make available in contact form fields is entirely customizable based on SQL queries: product details, locations, assets... anything you have in your SQL database. The support manager can create filters in Zendesk based on Elements Connect field values.


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